" We have just completed the most transformational year of our lives, thanks to Tad and Adriana James. What started as a curiosity about NLP has grown into a passion and a life path. We are truly not the same people we were one year ago. We are operating at such a high level, filled with confidence, vitality, clarity and razor sharp intention. We are now busy creating exactly what we want in all aspects of our lives, with spectacular results."

                                    -- John Lackey and Shelly Van Skyhawk

                                                       Friday Harbor, Washington



The body of knowledge of NLP is layered in several levels: Practitioner, Master Practitioner and Trainer. Once you have successfully finished your NLP Certification OnLine as an Associate Practitioner of NLP, you can choose to complete your NLP skills by taking a live training with us at the next level. Whether you are looking to further develop new opportunities in your career, to expand your business, increase love and passion in your relationship, or to give your kids more confidence and drive, here are further options available to you.


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ABNLP & The Tad James Co. offer Certification as a NLP Practitioner which 

meets the international standards and

criteria. As an NLP Associate Practitioner,

if you want to further your NLP skills and

qualifications, you can do so in one more day of live training. Here you are coached 

and supervised while you practice 

all the NLP techniques. and become

certified a NLP Practitioner through the American Board Of NLP.  The NLP Practitioner Certification provides you with the basic foundation necessary for a  meaningful integration of the Learn NLP techniques and the enhanced ability  to progress to the Master Level. The extra day of live training focuses on the development of person to person practical applications of the theoretical skills with personal supervision by a certified Tad James Co. NLP Trainer.







The NLP Master Practitioner* provides advanced knowledge and skills in NLP Learning. Techniques like Quantum Linguistics, Personal Values, Metaprograms, Advanced Submodalities and Advanced Strategies are emphasized throughout the training. Time Line Therapy ® Techniques at the Master Practitioner Level**  and Hypnosis Certifications are also included in the training. An additional Certification in the National Values Center paper and pencil instrument is also part of the Master Practitioner together with Certification as a NLP Master Coach. This course integrates these technologies to meet your business, career and personal goals and objectives.


*Prerequisites apply.

**Practitioner Certification in Time Line Therapy® required








The Trainer of NLP* program will prepare you to become one of the most charismatic and transformational presenters you can be. Regardless of your background and career path, at the end of this training you will be able to make any presentation in front of groups of any size with confidence and an enhanced capacity to critically examine, influence and evaluate group processes. You will feel empowered to become a leader in your field and will find it easy to integrate this knowledge with your professional experiences in a positive, and practical way.

*Prerequisites apply. Call the office to inquire

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