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     PROGRAM DESCRIPTION                          


       This page contains free downloads, audio and video clips, articles of interest and many more.

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      Neuro Linguistic Programming and

                                         Time Line Therapy® Techniques


     The NLP Model of Communication (Great Intro to NLP)


                                                                     Introduction to NLP

                                                                     (The Basic Concepts




                                                                     NLP Strategies  (The

                                                                     Mind-Body Connection

                                                    to Behavior)




     Time Line Therapy & The Basis of Personality (An    

      Excellent Introduction to the Unconscious Mind)


      The Secret of Creating Your Future (The Way to  

      Create What You Want in Life)





  Watch Clips of Our Video

  Programs and Seminars:




                                                  Video Clip from the On-Line  

                                                  NLP Training: See a real time

                                                  Mapping Across Demo

                                                  from our NLP Practitioner DVD


                                                  (In Windows Media Format.)




  A video clip (Real Media) from our brand new

  NLP Practitioner DVD Set. Available NOW.

  Click to see the video clip.

  An entire NLP Practitioner training on DVD -- includes

  Time Line Therapy® Techniques and Hypnosis.


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           Listen to Clips of Our Audio Programs and Seminars: 

                                         [Requires Real Player]                             

  • from our Australia Free Intro CD, students' testimonials & an interview with Tad &
    Adriana James. This is a Condensed Version. For the complete CD by mail
    call in Australia +61 2-9221-9221 or in the US +1 888 440 4823

  • from the Bonnie Colleen Show on KEST 1450AM in San Francisco in January, 2006 2 radio shows about the
    Secret of Creating Your Future
    ® Seminar: Cut 1 January 2006 First Show        Cut 1 January 2006 Second Show
                                                                        Cut 2 January 2006 First Show        Cut 2 January 2006 Second Show

  • from The Secret of Creating Your Future® CD Set: "What to Do -- Making Change and Commitment" with Adriana and
    Tad James. To Order the Complete CD Set

  • from The Secret of Creating Your Future® CD Set: "Making a Difference on the Planet" with Adriana and Tad James.
    To Order the Complete CD Set  

  • from our NLP Practitioner CD Collection: "Sensory Acuity" with Tad James. To Order the Complete CD Set

  • from the NEW NLP Master Practitioner CD Collection: "How to do an Arm Catalepsy Induction" with Tad and Adriana James
    To Order the Complete CD Set

  • SPECIAL PREVIEW: Recorded Live and Not Yet Released ... from the NLP Trainer's Training: "Intro to How Do Successful
    NLP Demonstrations" with Tad and Adriana James. 



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